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Want to succeed on your Dental Boards? Pass your integrated iNBDE Dental Boards!

Succeed on your iNBDE Dental Board Exam with our Video Crash Courses, Flashcards and iNBDE Test Questions/Answers. The most comprehensive, realistic and trusted Dental Board Preparation used by thousands of dental students and dentists.

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Master the Dental Boards with our iNBDE Video Crash Courses & iNBDE Flashcards

We teach you commonly asked topics, concepts and questions tested on the iNBDE: all condensed into 60+ Hours of Video Crash Courses and provide over 100,000 iNBDE Flashcards. Save precious study time!


Simulate the Dental Boards with over 5000 new iNBDE Questions

Sharpens your test taking skills, time management, confidence and accuracy with detailed analysis reports and performance tracking. Estimates, Improves and Boosts your iNBDE Scores! Start preparing for your Dental Boards today!


Rehearse the iNBDE Dental Boards

Our system helps you mimic, mirror and simulate the most realistic interface for iNBDE Full Length Test. Also, our system predicts and estimates your iNBDE scores and identifies your weaknesses. Our Dental Boards Practice Test makes you feel super confident for test day so you can score higher on your Dental Boards to become a dentist.


Largest Cache of iNBDE Test Questions

Tackle the largest arsenal newly released iNBDE Test & Questions. All Dental Boards updates are automatically streamlined seamlessly to your account so you can score and achieve the best possible iNBDE score!

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Unlimited Access on All Devices

All your progress automatically syncs up on your PC, MAC and now your mobile and tablet (iPhone/iPad/Android) too! Dental students love us because you receive twice as long membership access at half the cost than others!

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iNBDE Pass Guarantee

Only Dental Boards Prep that offers an iNBDE Pass Guarantee. If you do not pass the real iNBDE, you get a full refund. You must demonstrate that you have taken and passed all of our iNBDE Full-Length Tests the first time around. Successfully used by thousands of former dental students since 2005 to save study time and pass Dental Boards. Invest in yourself!

Dental Students ❤️ Us

Eduardo Lopez Cuahutemoc University, Puebla Mexico Thank you Crack the NBDE! I have been preparing to take the NBDE Part 1 for the 3rd time. I went through ASDA test books and Dental Decks, but when I got Crack the NBDE, I feel more confident now and ready for my test. The software was so easy to download and your team has the best customer service. ★★★★★
Samer Khayat Boston University Great program, great support team, and definitely worth the price! It's a great simulation of the real computer based NBDE part 1. I strongly recommend it if you want to be ready on the day of the exam. ★★★★★
Callisto Rojas University of Nevada Las Vegas I have the decks and I have the Kaplan material but nothing compares to preparing for the new version of the NBDE part I like Crack the NBDE. Their mock exams were great at showing me which subjects were my strengths and weaknesses. ★★★★★
Ekaterina Golombisky Miass Medical School, Russia I just started to work with the program and I'm already addicted to it. I recommend Crack the NBDE. It is easy to navigate through the program yourself, it works fast. There is no junk all over the screen, questions and answers are clear and easy to read. There is no doubt it is worth what I paid. I appreciate the support group for their help, these guys know what they are doing. 100% deal!!! ★★★★★